Range Rules and Procedures

Video Cameras:

The video cameras have been moved so they look at all 4 firing positions and down range on those lanes.  If you are recorded shooting unsafely and shooting up the baffles and walls you will lose your membership privileges.  Please take the time to check the “Range Procedures” page.  This has been put up so members will know the proper procedures to safely use both the indoor and the outdoor range. It also explains what targets are appropriate.

To all our members who shoot on the outdoor range.  Please be sure to sign in at the desk inside the door, blow the siren 2 or 3 times, and be sure to put the red flag up on the flagpole at the shooting bench.  Please obey our rule that all shooting must be finished by 1/2 hour before sunset.

Complete range rules are listed below.

Indoor Range:

Handguns in pistol calibers (except S&W 500 and S&W 460 Mag) or .22LR and only .22LR rifles are allowed on the indoor range. No rifle caliber handguns and no pistol or long guns in shotgun gauges.  Paper targets are appropriate for the indoor range.  Don’t use targets that are so big that they hang low and cause bullets to strike below the steel backstop. We have had issues with large cardboard  targets resulting in bullets striking the floor.  Your target should be high enough so that all bullets going through any part of it will strike the steel backstop. 


When on the indoor range, use care and be concerned with safety by keeping your shots on the steel backstop plate. There is no excuse for shooting the upper baffles.

Take your used targets with you when you leave, we do not have trash service at the club.

Ventilation: There is a wind up timer switch labeled for the vent fan. The fan is in the wall behind the backstop. Just because you don’t hear it running doesn’t mean it isn’t working. The fans in the side wall are  NOT to be used. There is no timer switch on these fans and they have been found left running after days of no one being in the building.

If you have a target hanger break, just leave a note on the sign in book and we will take care of it. They do break occasionally so don’t fret if one does.

Guests:  Guests are allowed on the indoor range without a one day membership.  If a member shows up to use the range, they have priority over a guest.

Outdoor Range:

Guests:  Only members of the club may shoot on the outdoor range per our agreement with the town when the range was built.  One day memberships are available if you wish to bring a guest. Each member may sponsor one guest as a one day member at any given time and must stay with the guest while at the club. Forms are on the sign in desk, fill it out with signature and put it through the mail slot on the kitchen counter cover.

When using the outdoor range you must put the red flag up on the shooting shed and blow the warning siren before you go out on the range. The siren button is right above the light switch when you enter the building. The red flag is on the shelf over the coat rack.

If you are shooting rifle, the target stand with the solid 2’x2′ board can be used. Keep your targets centered on the panel so you don’t shoot the frame of the stand all to pieces. If you are shooting pistol or shotgun use the two 1×2 furring strips with binder clips attached. The clips will hold the cardboard backing located on the floor behind the target stand. The strips will drop into the pipes on the outdoor range and the cardboard can then be clipped onto them. You will need to provide your own tape to attach your targets. Using the furring strips for shotgun helps keep our rifle stand in one piece.

As with the indoor range, please take your used targets with you when you leave. We do not have trash service at the club.