About Us



Greenway-Verona Mills Fish and Game Club, Inc is an NRA affiliated club rich with 50yrs of history and local community ties that offers both indoor and outdoor ranges, an archery tower, and several NRA Certified Range Safety Officers.

Monthly meetings are always the second Wednesday of each month.  Meeting time is 7:30 PM and usually last an hour.  We encourage membership attendance.

The Greenway-Verona Mills Fish & Game Club was founded in April 1963 when a meeting was announced via a local newspaper asking local residents with interest in a fish and game club to attend. By October 1963 four officers had been elected, and 150 memberships had been issued.

Today, we have 9 elected officers, and a membership of over 350.


Click this link to read a condensed version of our history.


Upon dissolution of the club, all assets will be transferred to the New York State Conservation Fund.