Applicants are given membership spots in the order that the applications are received so getting your app in early is to your advantage.

Membership is acquired by being sponsored by a current member. An application is submitted with a $50 application fee. Upon election into the club, a $50 dues payment is required.  Dues are $50 annually after that and are payable by the March meeting date.  All memberships expire in March each year.  Your sponsor must come to a regular meeting and speak on your behalf in order for your application to be processed to completion.  If you do not know someone in the club to sponsor you, the best approach to joining would be to come to a regular monthly meeting, they are held at 7:30 PM on the second Wednesday of each month,  and introduce yourself, give us a little background about you, and someone will likely step forward as your sponsor.

You can print an application with the link below.


One Day Memberships:

To obtain a one day membership (necessary to use the outdoor range) you must be accompanied by an annual or life member who will be your sponsor and be responsible for your behavior while at the club.  The regular member may sponsor only one daily member at a time and must remain with the day member at all times while at the club.  Fill out the form found on the sign in desk, have your sponsor sign it, and slide it through the slot in the cover for the kitchen counter. The one day membership allows you to shoot on the outdoor range while accompanied by your sponsor member.  Without a membership you are not allowed to shoot on the outdoor range. Please shoot safely and courteously.

Life Membership:

If you have been a member of the club for 5 years or more and have reached the age of 70, please contact us through this web site’s “Contact Us” page.  When you have achieved this event in your life, you are eligible to be converted to a life member of the club.  This also will open up paying member slots for those people on our waiting list.