Vote on proposed amendments to the Constitution.

At the January monthly club meeting, 01/12/22 @ 7:30PM



Monthly Meetings:

We will be having monthly club meetings the second Wednesday of each month @ 7:30PM.


Club T-Shirts:

We now have t-shirts with the club logo printed on the front. They are available at  meetings at $20 each. Here is a photo of one of the shirts. All profits we make from selling these will be donated to the Verona Food Pantry.


Our Facebook Page:



Need A Volunteer:

We are in need of a volunteer who would be willing to score deer, measure other game, and measure fish caught by our members.  We have plaques on our club walls with names of members who have the largest harvested game and fish for a number of species. We currently don’t have anyone in the club doing this measuring task so we are not able to get names added to the plaques. If you would be willing to volunteer to handle this important task, please let us know by e-mailing gvmfgc@gmail.com.




Lending Library:

Through a donation of books and videos by Ort Burleigh’s family, we have set up a small lending library at the club.  If you wish to borrow an item just sign the book with your name, date, and what you borrowed.  The books and videos are located on the table next to the small refrigerator. There is a VCR Player there to lend too if you don’t have one to play the tapes on.