Range Closures:

Please be aware that the ranges will be closed on June 29, July 13, and August 24 from 1 to 4 PM.  The club has been reserved for private events on those days.

Monthly Meeting:

Our regular monthly meeting for July will be held at 7:30 PM on Wednesday July 10.  There are openings for new members if you have a friend who might like to join the club. 


  Summer Defensive Pistol:

  The dates for our summer defensive pistol shoots are listed on the calendar page on this site.  If it rains on one of the days we will just move inside to the indoor range. Cost  is $10 to shoot all the dates, that’s one time fee of $10.

Indoor Range Guests:

The club has set a policy that any one member may now bring a maximum of 3 guests per day on the indoor range.  Please also be aware that if there are guests on the range, members have priority to use the range over any guests. The outdoor range remains at one guest per day per member and the One Day Membership form must be filled out, signed by the member and deposited in the mail slot in the club’s kitchen counter cover.


Indoor Range Issues:

We are having issues on the indoor range with people shooting and bullets striking the pads on the wall and the upper baffles.  When you shoot on the range be sure you hang your targets so that ALL your bullets will strike the steel backstop, not the floor, walls, or upper baffles. Only shoot at targets hanging on the hanger of the lane you are using, don’t hang a target on lane 4 and shoot at it from lane 3 etc.. If you shoot at targets with the hangers only part way down range be sure to use the short target hangers, they are very easy to change out from the longer ones.


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