Update Your Info:

  Annual dues must be paid by the March 13 meeting so please be sure that the contact information that we have is correct. There is a list of annual and another list of life members posted on the board at the club of people we have either missing or incorrect information about. If your name is on the list you may not receive the email notice about dues that is sent each year. If you don’t wish to go out to the club and check the list you can just click on the “Update Member Info” tab at the top of this page, fill in the form and send it off to us and your info will be updated in our records.

Reminder that club elections are in February and dues are due at the March meeting. Dues remain at $50 per year. If you are over 70 and have been a member for 5 years or more you can convert your annual membership to life member status.


Indoor Range Guests:

The club has set a policy that any one member may now bring a maximum of 3 guests at one time on the indoor range.  Please also be aware that if there are guests on the range, members have priority to use the range over any guests. The outdoor range remains at one guest per member and the One Day Membership form must be filled out, signed by the member and deposited in the mail slot in the club’s kitchen counter cover.


Winter Range Reminder:

Just a reminder that during the winter months if you use the indoor range please be sure to close the range door when you leave.  We don’t need to spend money heating the range when no one is using it. Also be sure that the bathroom door is propped open so heat can get into there and stop any freezing issues with the water.


Indoor Range Issues:

We are having issues on the indoor range with people shooting and bullets striking the pads on the wall and the upper baffles.  When you shoot on the range be sure you hang your targets so that ALL your bullets will strike the steel backstop, not the floor, walls, or upper baffles. Only shoot at targets hanging on the hanger of the lane you are using, don’t hang a target on lane 4 and shoot at it from lane 3 etc.. If you shoot at targets with the hangers only part way down range be sure to use the short target hangers, they are very easy to change out from the longer ones.

Looking For Cardboard:

 We are looking for corrugated cardboard sheets that are 2 feet by 3 feet in size or sheets that can be trimmed to that size. We use these in our defensive pistol league to paste our targets on and for use as barriers and barricades. If you have any you would care to donate just let us know and we can pick it up or you can drop it off at the club.


Monthly Meeting:

Our regular monthly meeting for Febuary will be held at 7:30 PM on Wednesday Febuary 14.  There are openings for new members if you have a friend who might like to join the club.


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