The Indoor range will be closed Saturday  January 21 from 8:00 Am until Noon for maintenance.


Monthly Meeting:

Our regular monthly meeting for January will be held at 7:30 PM on Wednesday January 11.  There are openings for new members if you have a friend who might like to join the club. There will also be nominations for the coming year’s officers and board members. Elections will take place at the February meeting, Feb. 8.

Outdoor Range Rules:

We have been getting complaints from the neighborhood that members are not blowing the siren, putting up the flag on the shooting bench shed, and shooting at times that are not during the approved times for use of the range. We have posted some new signage in conspicuous locales to remind members that these conditions must be met if you want to use the outdoor range. Please keep this in mind so we stay on good terms with all our neighbors.


Club T-Shirts:

We now have t-shirts with the club logo printed on the front. They are available at  meetings at $20 each, they are not out on display so you will need to ask for the shirts. Here is a photo of one of the shirts. All profits we make from selling these will be donated to the Verona Food Pantry.


Our Facebook Page:


Lending Library:

Through a donation of books and videos by Ort Burleigh’s family, we have set up a small lending library at the club.  If you wish to borrow an item just sign the book with your name, date, and what you borrowed.  The books and videos are located on the table next to the small refrigerator. There is a VCR Player there to lend too if you don’t have one to play the tapes on.