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SKS or Carbine. No

Contact John at

For Sale:


I’m selling this blind that I bought and never used. It is made by Big Game Treestands. Item info:
CONSTRUCTION: Black-Backed Durashell Water Resistant Nylon in Epic Camo
HEIGHT TO BOTTOM OF WINDOWS: 34” (Port Holes = 30”)
WINDOW SECURING: Zippered with Tie Downs, Shoot-Through Mesh on Port Hole Windows
CARRYING BAG: Standard Carry Bag with Backpack Straps Included
STAKES: 8 Steel Stakes
SECURING: 4 Tie Down Ropes
Model BGM-HB0100
Call Pat 315-865-8541

For Sale:

Primers CCI, Federal and Winchester:
small rifle & pistol Large rifle & pistol
$40.00 for opened box of 10 trays of 100
$5.00 for trays of 100
One pound canasters of powder
IMR 4227 $30.00 or H4227 or H110 $25.00
Sealed boxes of 100 .224 bullets 40, 45, 50, 52, 53 and 55 grain.
Hornady, Sierra, and Nosler Various bullet types.
13 each and $14 for Match 52 & 53 grain.
Box of 100 .308 cal 35 grain spire point bullets $20.00
Box of 100 .357 hard cast wadcutters $16.00
Box of 100 .357 158 grain jacketed soft point bullets $20.00
Bricks of 500 .22 Long Rifle, $30.00 each.
Federal Champion Target & Federal Lightning
Brick of 10 boxes mixed brands
Boxes of 50 .22 Long Rifle $5.00/1 box,
$9.00/2, $13.00/3, $16.50/4, $3 @ extra box
Gary Virkler 315-339-0480 between 3PM and 10 PM.

For Sale:

Remington 700 22-250 laminated Stock, Simmons 4-12 scope, bipod, sling, like new $600 831-5535 Pete Ward